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McKayla vs. Paseka Lyrics;

All written by me in a freestyle found here. Chyaaaaa. Don’t hate.

I’m the world champ on vault

And that is a fact 

Throwin’ Amanars, you beyotch,

My feet stickin to the mat

I got the silver medal

And I’m still not impressed

I didn’t hug you on purpose

Cause you smelled like death

You vault for Russia,

What’s that mean to me?

Absolutely nothing little miss honey Bee

Even on my ass I’m still better than you,

Go suck on that bronze, it’s what losers do

You bitch and whine cause you got third place,

But nobody wants to hear it

So shut your face! 

With a brace on my left and a boot on my right,

I could still take you out any day in a fight!

Watch your back Maroney,

And your little Fierce Five too

Team Russia ain’t finished

Watch Aliya bitch face you

You think you’re hot shit

As you flip through the air,

I’m gonna rip those damn extensions 

Right out of your hair

The whole world watched

As you fell on your ass,

It was almost as pathetic 

As Grishina’s tumbling pass

You broke your leg,

Landing from the bars

I don’t even know how 

That dismount wasn’t even hard

Now you’re out of the tour,

Sitting on your ass

I’ll see you at worlds!

Your time has passed


Your fans call you “Bee Farm”

I don’t know why

but your team got second 

So I’m gonna say “bye”

I’m the best vaulter here,

Everyone can agree

So fuck off, peasant, 

Just bow down to me

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